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Owner Kirsti Gailan: After having her own eyelashes extended for the very first time and seeing the stunning difference that a set of faux lashes can make, Kristi was inspired to train and specialize in lash extensions herself.
She is a licensed esthetician with very high standards when it comes to safe and hygienic eyelash application. A perfectionist by nature, she is known for her meticulous attention to detail, which helps her style lashes beautifully, sculpting them to your eye and eyebrow shape so you get a full, luscious, spectacular set of lashes that suits your face perfectly.

She also travels every year to USA to keep up latest and hottest eyelash extension trends and benefits.

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“The market is like a contagious disease. When I give one girl services, she brings in friends, and it just keeps multiplying,”says Kristi, founder of Eyelash Extensions Exeter -“Once you have the lashes, you realize how important the eyes are, so you fall in love with yourself again.”

Kirsti Gailan
Fully Certified Freelance & Mobile Beauty Therapist and Beautician
Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK
Phone: +44-752-331-2141


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It's very important to clean your eyelash extensions.Superb post 💕💕from our fab stockist in NEW ZEALAND 🇳🇿
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Be warned ladies, lash hygiene is extremely important! Please listen to your lash techs when they repeatedly advise for you to be regularly washing your Eyelash Extensions! Washing your lashes with an oil free cleanser will prolong the life of your lashes and prevent build up along your lash line. Natural skin oils, make up and sweat all love to hang around and in between your lashes and you know what else loves dirty lash lines?! Demodex mites!!! These nasty little critters along with other nasty eye infections WILL come your way if you are not using a proper lash cleanser. Water does NOT break down oil and debris between your lashes so PLEASE invest in buying an oil free cleanser. At @blinkingbeauty_ we proudly stock @chrissanthiecosmetics Flick us a message to order yours today!

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Its very important to clean your eyelash extensions.
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