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Owner Kirsti Gailan: After having her own eyelashes extended for the very first time and seeing the stunning difference that a set of faux lashes can make, Kristi was inspired to train and specialize in lash extensions herself.
She is a licensed esthetician with very high standards when it comes to safe and hygienic eyelash application. A perfectionist by nature, she is known for her meticulous attention to detail, which helps her style lashes beautifully, sculpting them to your eye and eyebrow shape so you get a full, luscious, spectacular set of lashes that suits your face perfectly.

She also travels every year to USA to keep up latest and hottest eyelash extension trends and benefits.

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“The market is like a contagious disease. When I give one girl services, she brings in friends, and it just keeps multiplying,”says Kristi, founder of Eyelash Extensions Exeter -“Once you have the lashes, you realize how important the eyes are, so you fall in love with yourself again.”

Kirsti Gailan
Fully Certified Freelance & Mobile Beauty Therapist and Beautician
Eyelash Extensions Exeter UK
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